Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Theres this wonderful place....

its called home.

After a 70 hour work week i was ready to back in this place called home. It is where I wanted to be nearly all week. I missed my kids I missed my hubby I missed my dog.

Home is a wonderful place. Its warm, its smells like its supposed to, there is always plenty to do and plenty to ignore in order to pay attention to things that really matter, there are always kids that need hugs and if my kids get tired of it there are always neighbor kids finding their way into my back yard and they are always game for hugs, there are flowers, there are projects, I love this place.

On Sunday we enjoyed each other we enjoyed our home. We rode bikes and went down trails that had jumps and I forgot for a second that I was 28 and instead went back to being 12 for an hour as I flew over dirt mounds and peeled out in the bark....it was fun, my son was impressed we laughed and giggled and enjoyed being a family of four. We spent the evening watering flower beds and then took turns throwing each other in the pool fully clothed I may add. It was heaven. I went to bed that night with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart it was a wonderful day spent in a wonderful place called home.

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