Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We had a day...

Better get used to my sappy posts because for some reason I am in an overly sappy mood lately and I could not be more in love and overwhelmed with life right now.

Life is speeding past lately it feels like a whirlwind....we are always going here or there with not much time to sit and watch.

Being a working mom is different it is the hardest combined title I have ever held. It is a decision I made on my own, one I take complete responsibility for and I really believe that it was all in God's plan to happen right now. I love my job outside of the house...I am not one that can do anything unless I absolutely love it, I have to be passionate about everything I do or I will drop it, its just who I am... An all or nothing type of girl. My job came about at a time when I needed a distraction from reality and a time where my current chapter is closing and new one is about to begin. If I were in charge the chapter would have taken more time. I would have started the new one on September 2nd precisely after school started, but sometimes God opens a window and when you don't go through on your own he pushes you through it and I believe that is what happened to me.

A working mom (first of all let me say I believe we are all working moms, being a stay at home mom is the hardest job in the entire world not one I take or look at lightly) takes a lot of guff from a lot of people. People look at you differently, they make odd comments for example, are you sure this is working out instead of saying what they really feel you should be at home with the family. And speaking for every working mother out their or at least most of them, I think of my kids all the time when I am away and I miss them terribly. But I know they are in good hands and as long as they seem happy and healthy we can keep it this way. The good news is Brian and I have always made it our goal to not strap ourselves financially in a way that makes it so that I have to work, so I can quit any old time I please. But I am not pleased yet and I am happy and so are my kids and my husband as well. We are all happy!

Today though I had a business meeting, now I could of gotten a babysitter, however I risked my life and my reputation on hauling my beautiful children with me. I was nervous and prayed most of the way to Lake Samish for them and their behavior. And I am happy to report that they were complete angels. They were quiet and pleasant and amazing. The client who is a fancy client (blogpost about fancy clients later)and one that I knew wouldn't be happy with disobedience, praised me over my sweet angelic children, thanked me for the meeting handed over her prized recipes of jello salad and a chocolate rendition of poke cake and sent me on my way. I cried on the way to the freeway and not because I was upset because I was so proud of my kids. So I in turn praised them and told them how proud I was and Elliots reply was classic,"Mom it sounds like you are going to make some delicious food, will you please bring home some jello salad for me?" Oh great now I have to explain that mommy does not get paid to make jello salad unless its for fancy clients. Sounds like an oxymoron right.? Like I said more about fancy clients later.

I guess the answer to the age old question....Can a woman really have it all? Can she be a mom, a wife and be successful in a work environment all at the same time. Can she juggle it all? I am juggling most of time and sometimes a ball gets dropped but we just pick up the ball and keep juggling. I am pretty sure I have it all right now and God is at the reigns steering me left or right. Where the next stop is I have no idea but I am holding on for the ride.

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