Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apple Sauce Making With That Grace

Once again my cute pics can not be uploaded. But I will tell you what Grace and I did today. Our daddy left this morning to go to Portland for two days, we are sad:( However this mama and her best girl, that Grace, love to make applesauce. Our daddy panics a bit by the time the 4th box of apples comes through the front door, so we decided to take advantage of his absence and sneak the first 25 pounds in. It was a fabulous day, that Grace used a peeler for the first time. Which means her domesticness was used and so was mine and this makes us both very happy. You see my girl is a domestic goddess in the making. I love this, she loves this. The truth is I needed a Grace day and that is what I got it was fabulous. Her being in kindergarten is not all fun and games you know because I miss That Grace!

Well back to the applesauce....I love making applesauce, I love the smell, I love the monotony of the peeling, I even love the way my hands get sticky and I especially loved how mine and That Graces hair smelled like apples at the end of the day. I love wearing my apron (I collect them you know) I love that That Grace wore one as well and told me even though it was baggyish on her it looked very gorgeous.....I love this girl...did I say this yet? So we made an abundance of applesauce, delivered some to the neighbors, made a pie and even made dinner with homemadeish (I doctored some jarred organic sauce that I love) spaghetti sauce, which increased the wonderful aroma in my house ten fold.

Now I will go to bed and probably not sleep to well because when the hubs is gone I sleep fairly terrible. But I will go to bed feeling wonderful because I got to do all of the things I love today. All the things I feel I was made for.

Oh and Bible Study starts tomorrow. Can't wait, it will be wonderful!


Julie said...

So good to see you at Bible Study today! I loved hearing your applesauce story. It's one of my favorite things about fall, also. Where did you get your apples?

The Mom said...

Can't wait to taste it! Do you love how sticky the floor in the kitchen gets too? I don't love that part... or maybe that just happens when I make applesauce.