Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mean People

AS side note that has nothing to do with the post.
This pic was taken October 2006 the first fall we lived in our house. It was on Pumpkin Patch day a tradition the kids and I have. Brian actually doesn't usually go with us....I think he likes it this way. If he doesn't come he doesn't have to fight with us over the size of our pumpkins. So it is a mommy day and I love it. And with October quickly approaching I can't wait to get pumpkins!

I am still exhausted however my exhaustion has turned to irritation and I am going to tell you why. First of all I have had it up to my eyeballs with mean people!!! Especially mean women. I have been dealing with the quote unquote mean girl since about 6th grade and its funny how as an adult you would think they have gotten over whatever kink they have however I think they just get meaner. And they are everywhere, and I have decided they should be shipped to an island where they can be mean to each other and leave the rest of us alone. Well that feels great to get off of my chest.

I look at my children play with other children at the park or school, I watch them interact with all types of kids from what seems to be all different backgrounds and all they care about is that they are both kids. The innocence is beautiful and refreshing and something to behold and treasure. When Elliot was about 2 he would introduce himself as Elliot William. So whenever we went to play somewhere he would pick the first kid he get a hold of and state very quickly, "Hi my name is Elliot William Jager. Will you be my friend?" It was precious! I am not sure when we loose this, but it stinks! Why can't we approach people like this as adults? Why can't we still give people the benefit doubt and/or realize that we are all made with different physical traits and gifts and abilities. This being for good reason so that we can all work together for God. I am not sure where this gets lost but it does. You know I have heard it it time and time again and I have said this same thing to my own kids, "Ignore them, shrug it off, find someone else to play with....." This advice is not really all that bad however I am not sure it is the solution either. And since I am tired and cranky and a bit sassy right now I am not rolling with punches all that well. So beware all those mean people out there I am no longer taking your stuff, I just simply will not stand for and it and in the next paragraph I will tell you what I am going to do. And when I do it you will be the irritated ones I am sure:)

I am going to BE KIND. You know the Jager's have had a motto since Elliot was able to steal toys from others and that is "Be Kind!" I think it is one that we can all use. I recently went to a Beth Moore Simulcast and she really took this home for me. She laid the idea of kindness out pretty clearly. I try to take this idea in my pocket everywhere I go and you know its pretty empowering. IT feels really good to be assertive and kind at the same time. It feels really good to to return peoples mean comments with truths and that is what I am going to keep on doing. I recently had a conversation with someone who was extremely rude to me right in my face and I ended the conversation by saying, "you know I am not sure we will ever agree but I can love you because we are both human." She turned around and walked away. This is what I will keep doing so brace yourself.

Oh and one more thing....Gossiping is a waste of your time if you are a gossiper because the person that is willing to listen to you is going to tell the person you are talking about what you say. And when the person that you are talking about hears what you have been saying about them they won't be happy. And then in turn you have created a giant mess that you will have to dig yourself out of because if they are like me they will make you very uncomfortable and ask you about why you felt that way in the first place and why you couldn't just confront them. I know this is a refresher for most of us from school however experiencing this in adulthood makes life seem like one big expensive high school and I am over it!

This being said I know longer want to hear whos brother is marrying who, or who was seen doing whatever they were doing, or who told whoever whatever they told them. If I need to know I will find out on my own. So please leave me out of any of these so called conversations they are a waste of not only my time but yours as well!!! And if you catch me doing this please confront me because I am trying very hard not to be a talker or a listener of gossip or heresay. Because being categorized among the mean girls is not something I have ever wanted to be!

There you go I have said what I needed to say....hopefully the next post will be light and fluffy because I am sure people are going to stop reading if all I do is make public service announcements:(

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