Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Catering Take-Over

These last two weeks of September will be the death of me I am sure of it. And in case you don't want to read a bit of complaining about this fact feel free to skip this post because I am beyond exhausted and in need of a space where I can vent.

It started with Monday. I have agreed to work Mondays because....well both kids are at school and if I work my bum off I can do Monday and Tuesdays work on Monday which means we just need to find someone to deliver the food on Tuesday which is much easier than finding someone who can actually cook:)

So I did that this week...then we cooked for a"harvest party" on was for a certain denominational group that I find intriguing. My mind is still reeling over this particular job, however it was a drop and go meal so peace be with them....I dropped the food and ran as quickly as possible to the safety of my volvo wagon and drove as quickly as I could go home:)

Thursday was a small intimate dinner for 30 at the Purple Space in Bellingham. The Purple Space is actually a wine "club" so to is a bit exclusive and you can only have parties their if you are a member. So that being said the party went amazing the party theme was the NW meets Paris so naturally they wanted French food. I made coq au vin....this is my kind of food and it was beautiful, lovely, and delicious. However in the process I slit open my pinky without realizing and bled allover $20 a pound mushrooms...once again I am not sure my hands will survive this job and bleeding all over expensive fungus is not fun. But back to the party Thursday gets "better". The decorations were orange gerbs and wait for it......metallic orca balloons. I have learned the more money you have the stranger your taste in decorations are. The end of the evening went perfectly we got the box truck loaded up and all the staff had left (this is where things get interesting). So its very dark in fact barely any lights and although I had pulled in just fine, pulling out of that driveway was difficult to say the least with a huge box truck. So I think I have cleared the fence when I hear it rattle a bit. Oh man................... So I decide it is probably best for me to find a parking lot somewhere to pull my enormous box truck into to check out the damage. I am expecting scrapes yet what I find is a hole in the side of our truck....a hole people at the end of a 14 hour day. Really, your kidding right.....nope.......there is a hole and at that moment I feel as if I might throw up. Turns out upon returning to the scene of the crime I did not actually hit the fence. There was a large bolt sticking out from the fence that no one would have seen and it skinned my truck in one area like a tuna can:) Oh happy day. And I should put emphasis on the word was because when I found the bolt, it was laying on the ground with the piece of my truck still wrapped around it. So after freaking out I went to Walgreens and patched the hole with some white duct tape and went on my way. Still not sure about the fixing of the hole, but my dad has a guy of course;)

As if this week has not been enough I have to go into work this morning and prep my heart out for a crazy job we are doing on Sunday. It is for the Elders of the tribal community. Not sure how all of these wonderful people find us but they do. And on Sunday we will be riding done in our newly air conditioned big box truck to serve 200 of them:) The menu is heavy appetizers..which means they want a meal without having to sit. So today we made 210 deviled eggs ( not your run of the mill potluck style ones, they are filled with salmon 3 variations actually), salmon skewers and expensive mushroom crostini, we also made 200+ crab cakes. IT should be an easy event (can't believe I said this out loud.

Next week is a ball park themed party for people that want artisan hot dog buns ( we actually know a guy that makes these believe it or not he also make pretzels), and Dino Rossi is coming to town on Thursday I will be making him truffles. And on Saturday we will be catering a wedding in our neck of the woods Angry Blueberry style.

Grace and I went for Pedicures tonight to celebrate some girly time, and I loved every stinkin minute of it. I let her choose which color I needed for my toes.....I am happy to report they are a neon shade of purple. She also decided we should have Subway for dinner afterwards. During diner she said, don't you just love girly time, with tears in my eyes I replied, more than you know my love!

So tomorrow I am taking a day of rest and running a food booth for school. I will also be loving up on my little family and hopefully sharing pot roast because it is pot roast kind of weather outside.

So heres the official Angry Blueberry sign out hoping you have a weekend full of Good Food, Good Friends, and Good Times!

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