Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quick Word On Something Gross

Statement.......Compostable Toilets are GROSS! I am all pro-hippie and pro-world and pro-sustainable living however if you live in the free world and have access and the ability to flush your it! If you need to recycle to the umpteenth degree more power too you make a plastic wrap ball or something....but draw the line at your not get rid of your toilet.

I was at an event this week and needed to use the facilities. I opened the door to the compostable toilet with the lid open.....gross. I will not go on any further...but gross!

And by the way toilet lid closing is a pet peeve of mine feel free to practice this as well. No one wants to be welcomed by the toilet!

Consider this a public service announcement.......................

I have deemed this specific toilet the Compostable Crapper.....sorry for the PG 13 post but I couldn't resist. Obviously I am still scarred.

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