Friday, January 21, 2011

I had a couple of dreams....

As you know I celebrated cabin fever this weekend with our close friends. It was fabulous....however I forgot my camera so there is no documentation(insert tears and sad face here).

But back to the weekend. On the second night we decided to sleep with the window open in order to be able to hear the waves. Holy Moly that was amazing! I sleep terribly all of the time but especially when I am not in my own bed. So the waves were just enough of a lullaby to hush me to sleep. The gentle sound of the breeze and the rain combined with the motion of the waves slapping against to the rocky patio in the front of the house was the most wonderful combination of sounds and the smell of the fresh rain and the salty water, and the beach was intoxicating. I am convinced if I could get a dreamweaver sound machine this is what I would want it to sound like (I am not sure they have figured out smell on these things yet?). So I fell asleep quicker than usual, however I was awakened three times by the most bizarre dreams. I am not sure what dreams mean if anything however they are fun to ponder over.

Number One- I was in a band with Elliot we had a VW van and everything, we were totally hippies (hence the reason Brian wasn't there:) and we were traveling through the back country(ghetto really) of some weird big city. Not sure what this means it was short....thank heavens.

Number Two- Someone broke into my house in the middle of the night grabbed a large portion of my hair at the very top and cut it off. This was all they took before they promptly took off before I could wake Brian. This one was totally disturbing:(

Number Three- This one was my favorite, this one was something I had been praying for, this one I was thankful for even though it made me cry several times. I was in Grace's classroom expect the students were the kids from her preschool class (strange). They were having a fire drill and I was in charge of getting a bunch of small girls out to the playground. Except when the alarm sounded the girls got scared and they ran out of the building without me. We had to collect their shoes outside for some reason so I grabbed Grace by the hand and we headed out the door to find the others and get her shoes. As I walked out the door I brushed shoulder with an older man that had a camera around his neck. I kept walking and then it hit me I knew the man, so I turned around. When I turned around so did the man and it was my grandpa. I started towards him but he waled the opposite direction and then started shouting my name,"Jessie, Jessie, where are my girls." His name for me. I kept on waving my arms but he couldn't see me. So I walked towards him and tried to grab him, but he disappeared.
It was strange, he was so real, he had jeans on that were just a bit to short(because he could never find the length and waist side that would fit properly, because he was so tall) brown shoes (just like he wore my whole life), and a camera around his neck(the same one he handed down to me years ago). I have been praying that God would let me see him in a dream. It was dreamy and short and if it doesn't ever happen again that will be ok. But I was and am thankful I had the dream.

Do you dream? I have happened upon many that claim they don't. I do and maybe thats why I don't sleep well?

I contemplated not sleeping with the window open the next night, but I couldn't resist. Cabin fever was great. It was relaxing and much needed.

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

What a special experience. I love dreams but I find myself trying to hard to analyze them.
Glad you got to get away. Listening to waves crashing sounds heavenly!!
I made the soup and it was delicious. I did a few things different (pinto beans instead of black, roast beef instead of hamburger, and added a can of corn). Loved it, thanks!