Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011

So last year was great, crazy but great. We experienced a lot of new things some good some bad some a little of both. Me working full time this past summer was a little of both. Our Jager camping trip was good. And learning to live without loved ones that were fixtures was bad. But in all these things we grow and with growth comes knowledge, realization, renewed strength and lots of love and with saying that I feel warm and ready to face a new year.

So for 2011 and I am pledging to find time for more leisure and less work (hmmmm who knows), less stress and more enjoyment, and a promise to look at all things with fresh perspective and less expectation. Sounds complicated and a bit confusing...but I think it can be done.

Christmas break was fabulous. I think we could all say it was one of the best Chrsitmas' in the history of our little family. I tried on my new resolution for size and I think even though some things were different-different isn't always bad-it was relaxing and enjoyable and I never once felt like I needed to lock my children up for bad behavior or exhaustion....SUCCESS:) We were able to focus a lot more on the reason for the season, spend a lot more time listening to Elliot give Grace theology lessons that were wrapped in the hope of Jesus' birth and topped with of course you want to go to heaven Grace.

To finish that story Grace and Elliot recently had a conversation about heaven in which Grace told Elliot she didn't want to go because God seems scary.( I think the massiveness of God is a bit overwhelming for her right now) She went on to ask Elliot if they had food in heaven because she hungry all of the time. He went on in reply that she need not worry we wouldn't have our earthly bodies....and I am pretty sure that got lost and translation making her desire to stay put here even more severe. All in our own time I suppose it sure is cute to hear their conversations though:) It is such a gift to witness faith from a childs perspective, I think they are still teaching me more than I teach them at this point.

Back to 2011 and the new year though....we will be celebrating a lot of milestones and looking forward to more in the following year. Our grandparents all turn 80 this year and Brian turns 30, my sister will have her first baby. Brian has been working for Verizon for 5 years this month and we have many conversations about how thankful we are for his job and the stability it provides for our family. The day before Christmas Eve 5 years ago we got word that he would be laid off from AT&T with one more day of work remaining to close down the store, it was a depressing Christmas, we had a lot on our plate with plans to buy a house and two little kids to provide for. But with much prayer and lots of support we made it. 3 weeks later Brian had a job with better pay and amazing benefits and a lot more opportunities. God always provides, He always prevails, and He is always in control, we just have trust.

So this year I am expecting to be full and great and wonderful and I can't wait to unwrap all of the blessings and changes that I am sure God has planned for us. I hope this new year finds you well too!

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