Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's not always perfect around here....

Sorry to break it to you but its not always perfect around here. Mornings don't always go smoothly, my kids aren't always well behaved, my house is not always clean, and we do pick a pizza up for dinner from time to time.

I am on day 3 of things not always being perfect and its a bit much to take. However we are having Pot Roast for dinner with a dutch apple pie topped with a bourbon caramel sauce....I guess at least one thing will be perfect:) Pot Roast and apple pie is the greatest meal on the face of the planet!!

My beautiful, 5 yr. old daughter is on day three of melt downs and whining, I may tear all my hair out. I love you Grace but really:) We are going to make her teacher a popcorn cake for her birthday tomorrow, maybe this will help with her mood. I doubt it but maybe. In the meantime the naughty spot will be her favorite past time until she figures it out. And if you stop by which I don't advise right now, the screaming and whining is now my favorite sound track, so don't be alarmed.

I tell you after 7 1/2 years of being a mom you would think I would have these stages figured out....NOT!

Don't take this post as a complaint because that's not what it is. I guess I am just a little frustrated and impatient at the moment.

Because believe me when I sit down for dinner tonight all of the frustration will disappear...Pot Roast is my anti-drug:)

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