Friday, January 25, 2013

A post to hold you over.

I have got tons of photos hanging around here that I haven't shared.  So I am going to share them.

And also I am stalling on my I am woman post.  I suppose I am worried about how honest I want to be.  I think with a bit more editing I can post it tomorrow.  I will not let it die amongst the dozens of other posts I didn't have the guts to post.  Sometimes I worry about how those of you who don't know my heart well will be offended by me.  My mother in law told me once though that I have probably done it before and I will probably done it again.  So tomorrow after one final edit I will bare my soul on being a woman.

IMG_1947_zps98148118 photo IMG_1947_zps98148118.jpg
This is our church.  I am kind of in love with the building...yet I love whats inside too!  Its been a great place to  be.

IMG_1951_zps6a283220 photo IMG_1951_zps6a283220.jpg
We go out to eat on Sundays because it gives me the night off and it bares some resemblance to tradition.

IMG_2004_zps15a10bfb photo IMG_2004_zps15a10bfb.jpg
We ate dinner by "candlelight" in the cabin one night.  If you look hard you can see that Sarah wasn't all alone.

IMG_1993_zps16d746cb photo IMG_1993_zps16d746cb.jpg
Sarah gifted me with this at Cabin Fever.  If you know me at all handmade is heart made and I love cross stitch more than anyones 80 year old grandmother.  She based our outfits off of our family pictures in 2011!   I love this and will treasure it always!

IMG_2032_zpsc94f06f4 photo IMG_2032_zpsc94f06f4.jpg
The kids love homeschooling.  Elliot still really dislikes coloring.  We have to get a certain amount of art in a week and I struggle with coming up with things this little man will enjoy.  I picked up a math coloring activity thing thinking he would be more inclined.  But nope....I name this photo death by coloring crayon.

IMG_1958_zpsd61f06f1 photo IMG_1958_zpsd61f06f1.jpg
Grace likes to color a picture of the stories I read to them during history.

IMG_1970_zpsfef40c09 photo IMG_1970_zpsfef40c09.jpg
I'm making a new quilt for Brian and I.  It is a churn dash pattern.  I love the simplicity of it.  I picked the fabric specifically to match my 1960's curtains that I bought for our bedroom.  

IMG_2011_zpsf0bce981 photo IMG_2011_zpsf0bce981.jpg
One of the many beautiful sunrises we were blessed with at cabin fever.

IMG_2021_zpsa4b67f48 photo IMG_2021_zpsa4b67f48.jpg
My brosef the Brewer lent me his acoustic bass to learn on.  Every year I set out to learn something new.  Last year it was sewing/quilting.  This year I am going to learn the bass.  The thing is bigger than I am but I mean its white....shes a real beaut!  Oh and yes I was attempting to teach myself bass scales while driving over the pass in the mini....a trucker laughed and us.  Poor Brian has to have the patience of none other to be married to me.

IMG_1961_zps435077cb photo IMG_1961_zps435077cb.jpg
I  love Grace Jager she is my heart!

This is my buddy Luke.  The kids call him Uncle Luke.  He will hate that this is on here but he is one of my most faithful readers and one of our best friends.  Thanks for caring about us Luke we just love ya!
IMG_2015_zps490e59e8 photo IMG_2015_zps490e59e8.jpg
I mean come on this photo is the bomb!

IMG_2039_zps483d2387 photo IMG_2039_zps483d2387.jpg
I escaped from the house and got my hair cut.  My hairdressers name is Mattie and she has just the right amount of 21 year old angst in her to keep her incredibly interesting to me without being annoying.  She is also very good at cutting my hair!  She is covered in tattoos and yesterday she was sporting an adorable haircut with lavender hair.

IMG_1938_zpse4073182 photo IMG_1938_zpse4073182.jpg
After receiving a $400 heating bill the first month we lived here I banned all fireplace usage in our home for the following month.  Upon receiving the next bill it was $20 higher so the ban has been lifted and these two love to sit like this with each other and play and to me this sight is worth more than and money could buy!

So I believe I have appropriately stalled and tomorrow I will be back with that post that will probably be way less of a deal I have made it out to be.


Anonymous said...

I know your heart :)

Andrea said...

cute pictures. you are beautiful I am envying your gorgeous hair!
Waiting anxiously to read your woman post!!