Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm back.

-We are home minus the Beej, he is back in Bellevue for a few days.
-It is cold, yet temperatures are rising which only means one thing in Spokane....more snow.
-I didn't sleep well last night because every time Beej leaves the boogie man moves in and he sure is noisy and scary.
-I am pretty sure my pants do not fit right after our cabin fever indulgences but my mental health is better for it!
-Elliot has a new friend at homeschool who introduced himself to me and finished our introductions off with a fist bump he seemed very nice and Elliot gave me a smile afterwards as to tell me he was happy...I love happy!
-I went to Target today and bought some random items, as well as something for my new nephew-I have named him Doogie because Emily won't tell me his name- that will be making an appearance in June, baby things are so tiny and so cute!
-I started a pilates class yesterday on top of my Barre class and it was much more difficult than I expected it would be. However back referencing line item number 4 I could use the difficulty at the moment.
-The kids are currently building a Ziggurat out of legos for a history/art project...I love history so we are diggin deep into studies of ancient times we started with the nomads and we will end with the last roman empire.
-I love that for homeschooling I can cater to my kids interests and is sort of lovely! Its amazing how much they are learning...this might just work.
-We found an extra book for the Indian in the Cupboard series and have decided to read it together. If you are not familiar one of the characters is an indian chief with the name Little Bear. Grace thinks this is ridiculous. Elliot's response was,"Uhhhh Grace its not like he's some ranky dank guy, he's a great indian chief, thats accurate naming for indians." Naturally she still thinks the guys name is bunk and would like to call him Joe. We will be reading it as it is written;)
-Wednesdays are now my day only day off and I would love nothing more than to hibernate all day. Reality always sneaks in though and I realize I really don't have any days off just one day without children. My teacher's wages include a manicure every week and a coffee from Starbucks....I know you all want my job now!

I have much more to say and maybe tomorrow I will be more motivated to do so. I want to talk about feminism.......yep, I'm going there. Also Brian and I are going to do a video segment on here once and awhile and would love to know what you would like us to talk about.....we are open for anything.

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