Friday, January 4, 2013

New prayer plan.

As you know I have to lovely cherubs! And with my cherubs I have made a point to pray every morning with them on the way to school. I am a strong believer of this ritual and I believe it is the best way for us to start our day together. It also offers me peace in my leaving them and I hope that it offers them the same. Most mornings the last thing I pray is that as they leave my arms they would feel Gods around them all day.

As of late I have felt the urge to increase my children's awareness of others needs. Our prayer in the morning are often self centered and only stray to topics of school and teachers and friends there. Although I feel that all of those things are good and fine and wonderful I really have been wanting to teach them to pray outside of themselves more regularly. My children's world is quite small at this point which I am thankful for but I want to challenge them to think outside of it or realize more of whats actually in it.

In hopes of doing this better I created a new little plan for our morning prayer time. I have always considered this time in the car to be our standing appointment at the feet of our Father in heaven and I want to treat it as such.

And so these appointments are from now forward going to be a bit more planned out for lack of a better description.

I took a notecards on rings set and converted it into a monthly prayer schedule. Each day has something different on it or at times someone different. Each of them prays for the topic and I close in praying for each of them in their day.
The topics are as follow and the number corresponds with the day of the month.

1. Teachers
2. Pick a Friend
3. Ebenezer Lemon Squeezers
4. Dad
5. Grandma Chewie
6. Our President
7. Our Neighbors Past/Present
8. Our Church
9. Bubba and Nick
10.Granny and Grandpa
11.Grandpa and Grandma Boat
12.The world to know Jesus
14.Auntie Em and Uncle Jamie- Joshy boy and new baby
15.Pastor Gary and our old church
17.Auntie Jaime and Uncle Justin - Kolby and Savannah
18.Uncle Justin and Auntie Sarah
19.Southside Christian
20.Great Grandpa and Grandma
21.Those who are lonely
23.TerBeek Farm
24.Thankfulness for our home
25.Elliot for Grace and Grace for Elliot
26.One of the Uncles
30.Uncle Matt Auntie Lani Caden and Layla
31.Free Choice Day...They pick something...I would also like this day to be a day we can get prayer requests from others so if on the 30th of the month you have a prayer request feel free to email it to me and the kids will pray for you.

This prayer thing with my kids is near and dear to me for many reasons. The main one being I want them to know that they can go to their Heavenly Father with anything and everything. And secondly I want them to grow up to be people that think outside of themselves and that put others needs before their own.

Our book is pretty simple as I lack in the area of crafty genius:) Put you could even just type it up on a simple piece of paper and keep it with you where and when you pray with your kids. Seeing as I drive my kids to school every morning it is the perfect time for us to pray together. But I know some that way with their kids for the bus every morning or maybe some of you have little ones at home that are just learning to pray with you(when my kids were small we prayed at breakfast tiem together)...make it part of your day, you will love it. And your kids will love it too. Also have them help them make the list...the only rule for ours is that it had to be for someone or something other than themselves.

I put a quote form Corrie ten Boom on the front of ours.
Don't pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.

And a scripture found in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
Pray without ceasing.

So if you aren't on the list above please send me your prayer requests we would love to pray for you. Jessica at angryblueberry dot com. And even if your name is on the list you can send me requests we will honor those on your day.

Praying that you all will be able to incorporate prayer into your day with your children.

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Love it! Love you! Stealing this!