Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Some funny stuff has been happening around these parts.

Number one- When I reminded the kids last night that my Grandma was moving with us...the first comments were directed towards having her baking skills added to the mix. The next comment from my son was....I hope grandma doesn't snore. Apparently he thought we would be moving into a three bedroom house, like we have now, and that they would have bunk beds together. He was happy to hear that Grandma would have her own room. Some things get lost in translation.

Some things are sweet.

One of Elliot's classmates tapped me on my arm this morning tapped me on the back of the arm and said my mom and I are praying for you. Queue the tears, we are so blessed by our school and my kids have been so blessed by their classmates. It reminded me what a blessing it is to hear that someone is praying for reminded me to tell people that more.

Some things are miraculous.

Every time someone asks what they can pray for I say a renter. As in a renter for our house. And not just any renter...a nice conservative responsible renter. One that will not run over the lovely little cherubs in my neighborhood, or have loud parties or wreck and destroy my beautiful home.
Well last night there was a knock on my door and the fiance of a girl that lives in the apartments next door is relocating and looking for a house. To top it off the rent is the same as he pays now. On Friday we will find out if he is going to take it for sure. Please continue to pray for this.

Some things are the bomb.

I have reports that Lorraine Bajema's fudge sauce does indeed travel over mountain passes:) Winning, Two fist pumps for that!

Tomorrow I travel to find a house with the Rah. The kids are voting for a house with a pool. I am voting for a house with more than one bathroom and closets:)

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