Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Beloved Green Paint,

Dear Beloved Green Paint,

I know this is coming as a shock. I know you didn't expect our relationship to end like this. When we first met I never pictured breaking up with you this soon.

But that's the breaks. You see we are in the middle of a remodel and after falling in love with my new kitchen flooring it has expressed some concern with the shade of your attitude. It really longs for someone more blue and someone less...well lets just say someone less green. And by the way you can take your mustardy gold friends with you they aren't working out anymore either.

Its been a good ride and one I won't forget. You were my very first paint color choice after my long run of boring rental white walls.

Sincerely Your Loving Happy Home Owner-

And to the rest of you reading this, I know it must seem like we can't experience enough discombobulation. However, I really am an all or nothing girl. Half finished projects drive me nuts. So we are painting on hopefully I will have some fresh pictures soon that display more order and peace:)

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Bonnie K said...

Jessica... you are a crazy girl! I've done exactly what you guys are doing right now... painting and the whole caboodle when life is already VERY busy! But it will get done soon and then you can enjoy all the new stuff! :-)