Monday, February 22, 2010

Food For Thought

I have been thinking a lot about food lately but probably not in the way you would assume. Recently I have been doing a lot of reading and studying the topic of food. Sustainable Living and Organic and Local Food Sources have been the categories I have stuck to. In doing this I have come to learn a lot about where our food actually comes from and how it gets into our fridges and onto our plates. This has left me wondering about how I should be feeding my family.

About 4 years ago when we moved into our house I stopped cooking anything out of boxes. With the exception of the occasional box of mac and cheese, most everything else is homemade with fresh ingredients as often as possible. I have felt very good about this choice and have earned myself ranking as the most boring lunch packing mom(however his teacher wants to eat his lunches:).

So I guess in saying all of this I have been wanting to fast on efforts to really learn what God has to say about how I should feed the four of us. The fast I have chosen is the Daniel Fast. It is a vegan fast that lasts 21 days. You cut out all meat, dairy, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and caffeine/herbal tea. Basically this leaves you with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and water. You also leave out all leavening agents. The only fluid you drink is water however you can have smoothies because that is considered a meal supplement.

I will be studying the book of Daniel as well as a devotional that I have picked up and put down many of times (Streams in the Desert).

I am not doing this alone though BJ has agreed to do it with me in an effort to be supportive. He has been looking over the same materials as I so we are on the same page.

And don't worry we won't be going vegan forever, I strongly believe there is a a large place for meat in our diets as well as occasional sweets and treats:)

If you would like to read more about what we are doing or if you are interested in joining us in the fast check out this website.

I will keep you updated.

And P.S. its ok if you think we are hippies or extremists my brother does;)

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Good for you. I went vegan for a few months when I was pregnant with Adelle. I loved it. Now, I consider myself a meat loving vegan. No dairy or eggs for me but still meat. I think it's great to try things out and see what works for you and your family.
It's scary to think about a lot of foods out there!