Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Morning and My Week

Not so much seeing another time that I will be able to blog this week, however you never know with me. Busy week ahead yesterday I made lasagna hot lunch for the school kids to have today, that is ten pans of lasagna people, I also made and delivered another meal to some others. Today tomorrow and Friday will be spent preparing for the auction dinner on Friday night. On the menu is pulled pork and yummy salads for 250 should be a blast:) In other breaking news the Jagers ordered new siding yesterday and it will be delivered on Tuesday. Please pray for nice weather over the next few weeks so that we can install it.

On this mornings news we had a child very excited for his 100th day of school tomorrow. Each child will bring a collection of 100 somethings. Elliot of course brought legos and after spilling them all over the floor right before we walked out the door we had successfully counted to 100 twice:) On the flip side of the coin Grace was not satisfied with her outfit and then decided that the letter "L" was not exciting enough for show and tell so the above picture is of her fabulous attitude this morning:) I love this peanut but really we have got to make friends with pants so that we can all survive!

Well that about catches you up on the happenings around here. I did pick a paint color too for the outside of the house but I will surprise you with that later(I know you are all sitting on the edges of your seats now;).

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The Burgharts said...

Nolan brought 100 Lego "studs" and Clay brought 100 small Lego pieces. Both for their 100 days of school too. It's a boy thing, right?
Grace's picture made me laugh. I'm sure you weren't feeling like laughing this morning...