Saturday, February 13, 2010

His Ladybug

I heart Valentines Day! No, I really, really love Valentines Day. It marks many things for me. I met BJ my Sophomore year in High School at a Valentines Day Dance. I will never forget the silly puppy love butterflies I felt when I met him it still makes me blush. I also got engaged right before Valentines Day. I love cupcakes for school and cards for classmates. I love chocolate hearts, oh how I love chocolate hearts:)

However this year I have been thinking a lot about my grandmas Valentines Day. My grandparents would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just 4 days after he passed away this fall. My Grandma actually referred to my Grandpa as a total putz for not holding on for a few more days(if you knew my grandpa you would know this would have made him laugh). They had the greatest love and the strongest connection. They went everywhere together. Every year my Grandpa would get her some pretty smelling lotion or a little figurine for her curio cabinet or a plate for her wall. But the thing I remember most is that he always called her ladybug. Even as a little girl I remember him coming home from work putting down his olive green thermos, planting a gentle kiss on her lips and saying Hows my ladybug? I knew he held her at the top of his list. I knew he loved more than anything else in the world and I know this is what she misses most. The companionship. I pray for this type of companionship in my own marriage and I am glad I had such a fabulous example.

So in saying this I know that even though Valentines Day is just a day in the grand scheme of things, it will be hard for her this year.

So this Valentines Day I am offering up all my extra prayers in her direction.

I know I talk about this a lot I don't mean it to be depressing. My Grandma is really doing so great. I was reading that month 4 and 5 are the hardest when grieving because life goes back to normal and people forget that your heart hurts.

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Julie said...

Your post is so sweet. It's so funny and lovely to me because Ed calls me ladybug, too! We've been married 15 12/ years now.