Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That Grace

Noticed I hadn't blogged about the Gracer Girl in awhile. Yesterday she gave me a blog worthy story.

She had a dental check- up yesterday (we go to Dr. Kimberley and Galbraith they rock). The first thing the dentist asked was if she had any questions about her teeth.

Here is how that conversation went:

Dr. Galbraith- Grace do you have any questions about your teeth?
Grace- Yes, sometimes my teeth get cold when I am in my bed at night?
Dr. Galbraith- Well how does this happen?
Grace- I don't know you asked me? (Insert me giggling here)
Dr. Galbraith- Well I guess your right. (insert long pause here)
Dr. Galbraith- Well maybe we should get them a blanket.?
Grace- Thats a great idea, maybe you should make me one:)

If you ask Grace a question be prepared for an off the wall answer because not having one at all is not an option for her.

On another note she is having her Valentines Day party at preschool today and she has had her outfit picked out for a week. Believe me I know I have created a monster:) Shes a cute monster though! Oh and a big shout out to the Vintage Dutch Girl for her beautiful flower headbands....aren't they adorable.? She sells them in her etsy shop you can find the link here

P.S. That is some of the new paint behind Grace and no the trim is till not finished but I plan on starting on it this evening.

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