Thursday, March 18, 2010

It Been Pretty Crazy 'Round Here

We have had a lot of changes take place around here in the last week. I will start with the kids.

Elliot is now reading up a storm and has also decided that he likes memory work again. The reading has always been fine however this evening we shared the load of reading Little House On The Prarie at bedtime. OK he read two paragraphs and then I took over. I am so proud of him, and I also just love that both of my kids love books because reading is one of my favorite past times. The memory work for Bible at school was an interesting think but after a talk about other kids who don't get to learn about the Bible at school (I know a bit of guilt I suppose, bad mom) he said "its a privilege then right?" Thanks for being so teachable Elliot I am so glad we had this talk.

Grace had Kindergarten orientation today. I can't get over the fact that I will have two kids in school next year. Grace was telling Brian about it at bedtime this evening when she asked, "What's the name of new teacher at my Ebenezer Squeezer School Mom?" How hilarious. Anywho her teachers name is Mrs. Corkill, this year was her first school year teaching at Ebenezer, however her kids also attend Ebenezer and she serves on the Eagle Booster team with me so i know her quite well at this point. Grace is so ready for school so I am not really worried about her, but it will be weird having such a quiet 3 days a week while she is at school.

I have been offered an extremely awesome opportunity to work with and for another cater who asked me to take on some contract work during the busy season. I started Monday, and worked Wednesday and will be working Friday and then ending the week with Saturday night. As usual being a working mom proves to be a challenge but one I take on with the knowledge that God has laid this chance to learn in front of me from one of the best caterers in town. I am completely humbled by the confidence she has in me and it is proving to be a very worthwhile endeavor. The first day was a bit terrifying though. I walked in fully expecting to have recipes and a list of goals and I was verbally asked to make french style cream puffs each made 1 inch in diameter filled with lemon curd and dipped in chocolate ganache. All of which I have made before but with recipes mind you. I thought I was going to throw up but with some picking of my brain and reminders of cooking temperature for the curd I persevered and I am stronger for it. Nothing like praying over lemon curd to thicken:) Thank you God for making them taste good. Over the next day I made 9 dozen spring rolls and 16 dozen crab cakes among other things. Like I said I am learning a lot. The event is Saturday evening so if I live through it I will give you a full report. God is showing me more and more of my passion for food everyday.

Brian had a somewhat anxious and worrisome week pass. His job has changed once again. We thank God that he still has a job and was actually promoted. We know how much it means to have a job in these times and we thank God daily for ours. All this aside Brian went to a five minute mandatory meeting where they were told that some people would be losing there jobs today and that is what they would be talking about for the next three hours. Way to start off a day:) Thankfully in the next meeting he learned he would not only be keeping his job but they made him the lead for an account for the whole Pacific Northwest region as well as putting him in charge of another single set of stores rather than bouncing between retailers. I realize typed out this is a bit confusing, so the bottom line is more responsibility, a bit more traveling, a bit more money and a huge compliment from the company. This was huge for my husband and was a very big answer to years worth of prayer.

On the home front, the new window is all drywalled in. The front door and trim in the living room is finally painted. The new curtains are hung on the smaller window in the living room. And I think we finally agreed on how the shakes and siding will be hung. We will keep you posted on all of this as well.

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