Monday, March 29, 2010

Whats In A Name?

When naming your children there is a lot to take into consideration? Do you want to name them after someone, will you go with a theme, Biblical name, Trendy Name etc. For us there were two requirements- 1.It had to mean something...-2.The middle name needed to be a family name. Graces name was picked for sometime. The word Grace has always meant so much to me, and I always wanted my first daughters name to be Grace. I have a lot of other feelings about the name but until now I haven't been able to put them into words.

Recently, my friend Pam, asked me why we had chosen the name Grace. I tried my best to explain my choice but it always comes out sounding sort of cheesy and not very genuine or authentic. She then informed me that her mothers name is actually Grace. She went on to tell me a story of her mom growing up and being the middle child of I think 7 children and went through a time of feeling unimportant and a bit forgotten at times. She said in this time her grandfather had actually written her mother a poem in reflection of her name. She went on to say that the poem would be able to reflect exactly what I was trying to say. Just a couple of days ago Pam's mother Grace shared her Grace Poem with me to save for my Grace.(That's a lot of Graces)

Anyway here it makes me cry, it makes me smile and it is exactly what I had in mind when I chose Graces name!

You know, Grace, what your name implies-
There's no salvation otherwise;
And ever, as one works or plays
One still depends on gifts of grace.
So Grace, in all you say or do,
May Heaven's grace be leading you.
May grace abundant be your share...
Then, Grace, my dear, we'll meet you there.

Written by Arie DeRooy 1938
for Grace DeRooy VerHoeven (copyright 1980) yes it has been published

Thanks for sharing this with me Pam and Grace. I will hold it close to my heart as I am sure Grace will as she grows older!

And Grace if you read this someday, please know Gods promises for you are great and his love for you is something that is so much bigger than anything else you will ever experience. His plans for you are bigger than anything I can even pray for you. You are an amazing little girl and I can not wait to see the beautiful woman you become.

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

That is beautiful. I've always felt like your little Grace was named perfectly. It's so fitting and she is so precious and chosen.