Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vegan Living and Other News

Well today is day 4 of our Vegan fast. Not sure what to say about this.? I think I could get over the meat part but dairy I am missing.

What do you eat, you ask? Lots of brown rice, lots of veggies(of course), soup is a big hit, and for breakfast we have a a hash of sorts and oatmeal, among other things.

So, 17 more days and we will be done. I am getting a lot more prayer time in because most of our meals take a bit more preparation than usual. So the extra prep time is used for prayer which is great. We have found that corn chips have now become a junk food, haha who would have thought.

On the home front there isn't much new. The kids are on Mid-Winter Break. Mid-Winter Break seems so frivolous to me. I don't see a real point. I know its for state tournament and all of that but really Spring Break is right around the corner, so another four day weekend seems a little much. Wish we were going to CA to see our favorite Bubba for Spring Break this year, but she is in OH and that is just not as appealing (no offense Bubba).

Elliot had a dentist appt. today for a couple of cavities (I know bad Mom right, the dentist actually said the opposite) and when we left the dental assistant reminded him his mouth was still asleep so if he wanted to pull that loose tooth now would be the time. So he reached in his mouth and plucked it out just like that. I guess the tooth fairy will have to make a trip up the stairs this evening:)

Grace came up with a new pajama fashion, as exhibited in the picture, those are her leg warmers for ballet. She has now informed me that they can be used as arm warmers for bed time. What will this girl think of next?

On the kitchen front we had some excitement this week with the delivery and set up of two brand spankin sparkly new electric convection ovens. We got a once in a lifetime amazing deal on them. You can fit 8 half sheets in each, that's a lot of cookies folks! Can't wait to use them however I can't eat anything I would like to cook in them for another 17 days. That being said if I do choose to bake in them one of you will probably get a cookie delivery or something equally yummy.

Well that's about all! Tomorrow we are going to the Children's Museum in Burlington and maybe I will take some pics.

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