Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Monkey Fell Out Of A Tree.

I have been calling Elliot Monkey (affectionately) since he was born. He would always just cling on to me when he wanted to be held. Now I call him a spider monkey because if I pick him up he is so tall and his legs are so long he can literally wrap himself around me:)

Well last night my monkey fell about 6 or 7 feet out of our tree in the front yard onto the sidewalk. Grace came running in the front door crying telling me Elliot had gotten hurt. Here comes the bad, experience sometimes gets me in trouble mom part. I was waiting for him to come in after her screaming. Well that didn't happen and about 30 seconds later my neighbor comes running in and says Elliot is really hurt we need towels. When I walked out of my door I see my child laying face down in a puddle of blood and he wasn't moving-and I am not exaggerating his shirt was soaked there was a puddle laying under his head and his arms were covered with blood-all I could think was he busted his head or something. Turns out he hit his jaw to the point of splitting it wide open.

After the ambulance came and stopped the bleeding we got him to the ER and they put seven stitches in his jaw. He also chipped some teeth, knocked some teeth loose and jammed his knee. He tried to grab on to the branches when he was following so one of his arms is pretty badly scraped as well. We have plenty of bumps and bruise and road rash to go around.

It is pretty amazing how skin can just split open, it was so wide we could see his jaw bone. Sorry for the graphics...I don't have a weak stomach at all. 7 stitches.

Apparently he was trying to save the neighbor boys rocket from the top of the tree, the rocket was rescued:) I am not sure the neighbor kids will be the same for awhile they were all pretty traumatized by the whole event.

I am constantly reminded that God is so good to us. I know boys fall out of trees all the time and walk away with a couple of stitches. I am not sure that they fall onto pavement out of trees all the time. We are so blessed that Elliot walked away with just a few stitches, it could have been so much worse.

I am also reminded how great it is to be able to raise my children with faith. Grace went to the neighbors house after this happened while we went to hospital and my neighbor said she gathered up her buddies and they prayed for Elliot. This alone makes me cry, that my children know that they can go to God first with everything and that my little sassy Grace would think to pray for her brother all on her own is amazing to me.

We reminded our kids last night during bedtime prayers that it is God that gets the glory for this one. That God was there to protect Elliot and make sure he was ok.

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

So true about you waiting for him to walk in behind her!
You are one tough mom! No wonder Elliot was the one rescuing the rocket!
That picture of Elliot is boggling my mind right now. He looks so grown up!
Happy healing!