Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Most Random Outing, As Of Yet.

About a week and a half ago, Brian got word that there were going to be 4 tickets for a Soundgarden concert up for grabs at work. Now Brian and I both listened to this band heavily in jr. high and maybe even into our freshman year of high school. Before I go further you should know that my taste in music spans all genres and I know the words to way to many songs for my own good its embarrassing sometimes.But further more he heard about these tickets that someone was trying to win through work but it didn't look like the guy was going to meet the requirements to obtain his goal. Well to bad for the poor dude, he didn't win. Lucky us Brian snatched them up.

So woohoo we won the tickets. The catch was the concert was at the Gorge on that Saturday and we found out about the tickets on Thursday. To further the interesting situation, we couldn't leave Lynden until 2pm on Saturday and the concert was at 6pm. And further yet we had to come back home after the concert because we needed to lead worship at church and I needed to teach Sunday school. But we went. In fact Brian wasn't going with out me he said, and beings that I have made him do 100's of crazy things in the span of our relationship (and I did actually want to go), we went.

The tickets themselves were part of the reason we couldn't pass up the opportunity, Brian's employer actually sponsers the concert producers of the Gorge so they have a box there. So we had four VIP Box seats, which included a waitress and VIP parking, which means no field walking for us. This was a pretty kush situation, how could you say no.
The concert was great there were some bands that I had never heard that opened for Soundgarden and the overall feel of that was a bit harder than I would go for, but sometimes live music makes everything that much greater and it was. Plus it was about 98degrees out and the Gorge is absolutely beautiful, I don't care what music is playing.

On another note the people in the box next to us were totally into the concert and seeing that made the whole trip worth it ten fold. This guy had this dance move that resembled what one looks like when riding a was great. We took our friend/neighbor Dave with us and he asked me on the way home if that guy made me uncomfortable and went on further to tell me he would have traded seats with me. That was kind but I can appreciate the culture around me. Most people are beautiful in their own way...and this guy was that in his unbridled abandon:)


By the way we got home at 4:30am and had to get up at 7am:) Yeah we aren't as young as we think was mighty painful!

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