Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Girl Rah

My Girl Rah and I are pretty tight. Last week she joined me and turned the infamous age of 29. She asked me the day before if I thought 29 was really as good as it gets and I told her not for us:)

Rah is the kind of friend you call her to vent and her classic response is, "Its going to turn out great." I love it! She is a constant encouragement to those around her and I know I am not the only one to benefit from her cheery spirit. Something else I love about my girl Rah is that she stands up for things she believes in and there is no getting her to back down. This is something that you would not expect from her sugar sweet demeanor, but its true. As a friend she calls you on crap...shes doesn't let you get away with being a jerk or having a bad attitude and that is something I could not live without. Honesty rules!
She is the kind of friend you can sit at a table with for hours and talk about 30 different subjects and laugh tell you cry and cry tell you laugh and do it all over again...shes the best!

So we celebrated (the only way I k now how) last week with a quiet outside meal for four the other two being our husbands. While our husbands talked about their lastest inventions (we love our geeky husbands..because geeks are cute) we sat at the end of my parents dock in the dark and fed the fish and talked about our upcoming stardom on our voyage to 30. Its going to be a big year I just know it:) Sarah also took her inaugural trip down the zipline, at trip that she has been avoiding but that new found bravery in 29 gave her the push she needed and she rocked it!

I am so glad that Brian and I have Sarah and Justin. They are the kind of friends that you know will be your friends until the end. They bless us with their presence in our home at least 2 if not 3 times a week. They steal our kids so they can go see the latest animated movies. Sarah steals my kids and does science experiments and art projects. There really is no question why my kids call them Auntie and Uncle. They are a blessing.

So heres a little shout to my girl Rah!! Happy Birthday my Friend!! You are the best jokin!

By the way I changed the song on the blog just for you Rah....I may lose readers....all complaints will be directed to you!

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Sarah Bajema said...

Your the best! I could write the same things about you. We did that last night .... laughing and crying till we left the bar at 11:30.... on a random Wednesday... With our husbands wondering when we were coming home. Life is good! Love ya!