Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reasons I miss you Mr. Husband....

Numero Uno - I hate wearing sweats and a long sleeve shirt to bed its to hot but without it its too cold.

Numero Dos - I have a part of my back I can't reach with the cortisone cream....big problem believe me. Never mind that his makes me sound like a geriatric....this is a serious matter.

Tres - I hate doing dinnertime I don't do them until morning then they are technically morning time dishes (immediately solves the problem)

Cuatro- No one secretly uses pesticides to kill the fruit flies, hence the new house pets:)

Numero Cinco - I have no one to debrief with how awesome, naughty, intelligent, silly and cute our kids are. Emphasis on the naughty and cute.

Seis - No one brings me a glass of wine after the kids are in bed to signify the end of my work day.

Siete - No one is here to take over the night time rainy weather pickup dog poop on aisle 4. The puppy apparently thinks pooping in the rain is overrated.

Ocho- There are no other cute bald men with dimples hanging around complimenting me on dinner or telling me that I'm beautiful. Believe me if I could rent a clone for this purpose alone I would.

Numero Nueve - No one to remind me its bed time and when the lights are out that means I should sleep. You are very good at this...

Diez- Elliot says things like...Dad would have really liked this meal, not sure if this meant he didn't or if we are just being dramatic after you being gone for 48 long hours.....its probably a combination of both.

Bottom Line....I miss your face Jager get home soon so I can kiss you!
24 hour countdown starts now.

Oh and in case you wanted to l laugh about where Brian is right now watch this.

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