Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another beautiful day in the redwoods.

Spent the day meandering through the trails of the redwoods. It would be hard to say that these forests aren't incredibly breathtaking. The enormity of the trees is mind boggling. And their ability to survive is inspiring.

We also took a trip to the eternal forest where a small group of people I habit homes made out of trees some about 20 ft in diameter.

We finished the day with a trip back to the eel riverside although in a different location this time we took about a mile hike or more through the forest the the river where we encountered a banana slug:). The river was quite shallow and warms and there were a ton of baby trout swimming around our feet. It was truly beautiful and hard to remember that we were on the river. Elliot spent much of his time skipping rocks and Grace found some sand which made her very happy.

We enjoyed foil dinners in the evening which is always a highlight.

It was yet another day of enjoying each others company and this beautiful world.

Grace prayed for dinner last night and thanked God for family vacation and a mom and dad. I couldn't help but smile in thankfulness as well this has been a trip of many memories:)

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