Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walking through the redwoods and the eel river

Yesterday morning I woke up violently ill. It took me a better part of the morning to feel better. This don't stop us from having fun though:). And I must add no one else got sick so that's pretty great:)

We Started the morning with a nature hike followed by jr. Rangers. Grace has become quite fond of this particular ranger as she is a girl and has a natural liking for kids. It was interesting she could really pull Grace out of her shell.

It was really warm yesterday so we took advantage and spent a chunk of time lazing by the river which was actually quite warm. And it was double nice to be out of our jeans and sweatshirts that have become our uniform for the trip:)
Later in the day we drove our car through a giant tree in Myers Flat and explored some two store treehouses made out of old tree stumps. Elliot saw a six foot long chainsaw blade and was quite impressed.

For dinner we indulged in chili in a fritz chip bag. Surprisingly it was a crowd pleaser and I think it will becoming a camping must have for future trips.

Our kids have stolen the funny papers that lines the cabinets of our trailer and have been reading them constantly. Who would of thought they could provide so much entertainment.

Tomorrow we will head back to Oregon and although the redwoods have been nice Oregon has been our favorite. So off to the dunes we will go.

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