Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach day.

Yesterday we spent the day exploring the beach. There's a beach a short walk from our campground we call it Humbug beach. It was a lot of fun to run around and play in the sand. However the waves here are not to e messed with or frolicked in sneaker waves are a big threat so we played I the surf if it came way up and watched the harbor seals bob in the waves. Grace ran around with her arms spread wide like an eagle she was in her own world dancing and singing and occasionally rolling in the sand. It was like a scene from the sound of music. The beach is her heartbeat:)

We spent the afternoon riding bikes- Elliot had a huge wipeout - and lazing around reading books painting nails and playing games.

The camp host is staying next to us an turned us in to a local beach called agate beach where you can find to a of just that agates. This was so fun and much like a treasure hunt. Elliot loved the challenge and found much joy in this activity with comments of, " isn't this fun mom.". This is always a sign of happiness with my kids.

The kids have also enjoyed being a part of the junior ranger program - something my siblings and I did as kids when we were young- and are working very hard at earning their badges which they should receive tomorrow. The park also has evening programs where the teach about subjects pertaining to the area. Last night was how to tell the difference between a harbor seal, elephant seal, California sea lion and a stellar sea lion, we all found it very interesting.

I am constantly reminded how important our summer vacations are.. It is so nice to be away from it all. And the fun of exploring together and seeing new things is invaluable.

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Cristi said...

such fun...i remember those days!!