Monday, July 16, 2012

We are home....

We are home, We are home....

We had a great vacation and I am thankful we had the time to take away. I will finish blogging about it soon.

I had decided a few weeks ago I needed to take some time off from things in general. I was tired beyond belief, drained and just felt heavy. So I quit my exercise routine, took some time off of Sunday School and went to bed before ten most nights and boy has it felt good. The last six months of being Jagers has been overwhelming at times. Overwhelmed with blessing and opportunity mostly, yet still overwhelming. Sometimes possibility alone can make you crazy and I would be lying to say that I haven't felt a little crazy from it all. So I am on a self given sabbatical of sorts and I think it was a fair choice. My jeans are a little tight and I haven't done my hair or make up as much but its not due to laziness I just needed a moment to not care about things that really aren't that important. And I can feel myself changing a bit with it all and it is good.

So I am taking some time. Not answering emails as quickly and not answering my phone as much. Just cutting off a bit. And it is freeing and relaxing.

This all being said I am turning 30 next Monday the 23rd. Yep 30 and I feel pretty great about it. But I'll save those reflections for another post.

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