Thursday, November 29, 2012


Its been an interesting couple days...heck an interesting couple of weeks.

School for the kids has been less then fabulous, I actually used these exact words with Elliot's teacher yesterday.

We have been dealing with mean kids, disorganized practices, and lack of understanding. This is vague I realize....I just don't want to give the impression that this isn't a good school. I think it might be, however I am also beginning to wonder if it is the right place for the Jagers to be.

So yesterday after a frustrating conversation with Elliot's teacher and what I felt was a condescending email from her as well, I let er rip. I prayed hard for the words to say, I prayed hard for guidance and direction and I cried until my eyes were swollen and my stomach felt sick. One thing I have known from the moment I laid eyes on my Elliot was that I would fight for him, I would make sure he had the best I could give him, that I would pray and fight for God's will in his life and I wouldn't let anything or anyone get in the way. You don't get in between me and my cubs it will be ugly and I will win:) So yeah I got a bit fierce yesterday, but I felt the Spirit fill me and I moved forward with God's prompting.

So what does a fierce Mama bear do when she feels as if she is not being heard? She uses her words, it is what I have encouraged my children to do since they were old enough to become frustrated. And I believe it is the greatest avenue for me to get my point across. So I sent out an email claiming my desires for my children, my expectations for others in their regard and my discouragement with recent happenings. I claimed my love for Christ and the need for my children to be able to represent their faith in all that they do. I claimed the need for that in their classrooms and I laid it out flat people because believe me yesterday it took everything in my power to not pull them from this place yesterday and homeschool their little bodies. And as I hit the send button I felt a bit nervous. But I knew with all my being the only way we could try and make this work was for me to share and so I did.

I prayed all day that my words would be received in the way I believed they had been given to me. I pushed forward with faith. And by evening I had my response. A 4 point plan of action to make this situation better. Booyah...GOd delivered and I had my answer. WE were going to give this the old Jager try, with faith and perseverance and hope , trusting that God knows.

So we will see. Jagers are not quitters. We are here to bring light where there is darkness, to serve those who need more than we do, To bring glory to God in all that we do and in that I think we can bring some positive things to this place if we give it a chance. So thats what we will do.

Brian told me last night he loved my fierceness the most. I am not sure that the rest of the world knows what to do with it. I am not sure that this school knows what to do with me yet either, I plan to switch it around;) They won't know what hit them.

Two fist pumps for all the other Mama Bears out there:)


Anonymous said...

I have had to be a mamma bear a time or two with the Bajema boys and it is not pretty, even though they are adults I will still protect them, it's what us mama bears do
Mom Bajema

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mom, Jessica. And God gave you the kids you got, not just because they were the best kids for you, but because you are the best parents for them. Ain't nobody know what they need more than you. You go ahead and say what you need to say to whoever you need to say it to.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

This is true! :)

Andrea said...

Oh Jess,I just love you. You are so inspiring to me. If we don't stick up for our little cubs no one else will.
My prayers will be with you and with your little ones. My heart is aching for them. They are two lucky kids to have such a good momma.