Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Worth Praying For

Let start with everybody's favorite....The Good....

First off we obtained a Christmas tree yesterday. WE drove outside of town to a cluster of Christmas Tree farms and purchased a Colorado Blue Spruce, it is a beautiful tree. I happen to love Christmas Tree day. I am also very good at spotting the best tree right away, then we walk the rest of lot and nevertheless always come back to that first tree. It's quick and painless.

This year due to our new living arrangement I was able to get an upgrade in size. Thats right folks my 6 foot tree grew to just under 11 feet and boy am I happy. I love a big tall tree!
Our long standing tradition was changed this year. But that didn't mean we couldn't have a great day and make new memories getting our tree. I live and breath for family time like this. It was I think we miss sometimes with the business and need to's and have to's of life. So I thrive on making it special and letting it be what it is.

So we started our trip off yesterday by going to the Donut Parade. On infamous donut haunt here in Spokane. The best donut I have ever had was there. It was a cake donut which shouldn't' have been called that or maybe has just been redefined for mw at this point, furthermore, with maple icing and a cinnamon crumble on top. Now i have had my share of donuts and this one changed my world.

So we all had our donuts, played 20 questions and took in sometime just being the Jagers. I realize lately that this move has nothing to do with who we are, we are still the Jagers...people who dwell and reflect kindness, a family who loves each other enough that we end up loving others as well in the same way,and lastly a couple who has two sweet little rascals that end of drawing attention to us no matter where we go...unknown maybe invisible I think not . If anything this move has brought out strengths and weakened our weaknesses, there is a patience about us that is not comparable to anything I have ever felt.


Oh and I still love this man where ever we are!

And alas the picture of our tree....its still a Vegas Tree, Its still covered in paste saturated ornaments and preschool faces.

And we have two trees in each atrium that are covered in lights and set on timers to come on together at dark. They are beautiful as well.

In other Christmas news, I have finished my only planned CHristmas gift and it has been sent off with a complete stranger to be quilted:) I am very pleased with my workmanship and surprised at my love for quilting.
This has also been a very lovely project to do with my grandmother who is a pro in this arena.

On friday we invited our neighbors over for a Thanksgiving meal and although they are old enough to be our parents it was oh so nice to have a social interaction in this way. To share our home and to serve others was such a breath of fresh air. It was an enjoyable evening and I hope to do it again.

And now for the bad......There isn't a lot of it. I have a hard time labeling things as such.

Sundays prove to be the hardest days for me. And the empty feeling of sad, mad, and confused starts to creep in on Saturday night. I miss my family, I miss grandparents for my kids, I miss the promise of game night with my homies and I miss the feeling of belonging to something outside of myself. The absence of a church family is something I do not wish upon anyone. And please don't tell me it has only been a month and there is time and I need patience.....blah blah blah. If you have ever moved with your kids to a new city, knowing no one and having no connection, you can tell me what you want other wise its offensive and condescending and yucky so please don't. If you want to be helpful just pray we find some connection....some community. We are lonely...and this is the most foreign feeling for us 4 Jagers.

And lastly lets talk about the worth praying for.

After 4 churches this morning I think we may have found a potential. We attended service and it was reminiscent of churches past for us, it was refreshing with newness and life and although we most obviously din't belong yet, they had community there. And I think we could be a part of it in time. So this is post definitely worth praying for and worth praising God for a piece of light a piece of hope.

They sang the song Beautiful Things by Gungor and once again that song took on a new meaning for me. I love the work=ds to this song it hold so much reminder of hope and what there is to look forward to. It was a reminder that even in this blank slate life I am living right now he has full intention of making it beautiful. He will make something out of it. And so I will wait in that some more.

The sermon was really great there was a great challenge int he message and the service ended in a benediction that wrapped you in a warm hug. I loved it!

And so even in the dark spots right now I am reminded that even in the sunset there is hope of the sunrise in the morning. That each day is one closer to something much bigger and much more lovely then the day at hand. And each day past holds a reminder of God's promise that he has all things in his hands at all times and He is not only a God who loves but a God who has already planned the day ahead and the day behind us.

Peace out Homies......

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