Thursday, December 6, 2012

Turning 30

I have recently been noticing 30. First of all don't take this as complaints. This is just noticing, recognition if you will.

First off there are smile wrinkles I think of them as parentheses. Then there are eye wrinkles don't get me started:)

And lastly today I went to the eye dr out of concern for a patch on the white part of my eye and found out I have callouses in my eyeball. Apparently I have extensive sun damage on my yes and need to take preventive measures in order to prevent any further callousing.

I just giggled at the dr and said of course I do.

Brian J├Ąger says I may be an oddity but he loves me anyway......I am his oddity. How charming!

I also found out I am in need of some vision help so I got some contacts and some new hipster glasses.

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