Saturday, December 15, 2012

All dressed up and we actually had someplace to go....

We actually had scheduled events this week, which proved to be very exciting.

On Thursday the kids performed in a Christmas Musical called Christmas Letters at school. Funny story....Grace was just sure that one of the shepherds was going to lose his role due to his inability to behave and I may of caught her wishing that it would happen. She informed she knew his whole part in case it happened. I told her maybe we needed to pray that he could have self control so he could keep his part. I am not sure if this changed her heart:) It was nice though to see her have the desire to perform, she is my nature and bent already a drama major:)

As you may know one of children loves the stage while the other thinks it is the worst idea ont he planet. It is quite sad as I think it is his own personal version of hell, insert writhing and gnashing of teeth and I am not even exaggerating. Getting him on that stage took much prayer before and during.

They both did wonderfully though and if nothing else they were very cute!

I made Grace's dress this year. After shopping around I just wasn't satified with what the stores had to offer. It seems like every year the clothes options for little girls become less modest and more "mature." I'm not into it. So we went with a beautiful plaid and she looked darling. I am so thankful for this little beauty!

Next up is this handsome man. As you can tell we had already experienced so anxiety. He persevered though and I think it is good for him to do so. He actually as quite a nice singing voice as well as great rhythm its just the performing that he hates. I am very proud of him for doing what he needed to do and not losing it on stage.

It was a great night though enjoyed by all involved. The program was complete with a student falling off the risers not once but twice and jazz hands, the student whose mom makes them where an oversized suit and the little girl who was allowed to wear heel shoes....its predictable no matter where you are.

Last night Brian and I went to a "holiday party" that he hosted with his peers for their employees. It was great the food was okay and it was nice to meet his team. I am not sure how qualified I am to be a bosses wife, being the help is way better. And I am not sure I hit it off with the other bosses wife, but theres always next time. I mean I like to cook and sew and kill my own food.....I need to work on some other hobbies that are more normal I suppose.

This is the best photo I have of the two of us together. Remember we have an 80 year old with shaky hands or an over exuberant 9 year old to take photos of us, so we take what we can get;)

And here is me and a great dress that I have had for years and only worn once.
The shoes were a steal as well. When I got to the counter I thought they were $60 and when the lady rang up the sale they were only $12...winning....three fist pumps for shoes on sale.

And just to show you it isn't always little black dresses, heels and pearls. I am pretty sure a small animal could have taken up residence in the back of my hair this morning. There was an actual nest back there.

We have lots of snow on the ground and are expecting to be dumped on again tonight the kids made snow men and used their new sleds. We also hit up the library.
Tonight we will enjoy pot roast for dinner and tomorrow we will go back to 1st Presbyterian again in the morning. This will be our 3rd visit to this church. I think we will continue to visit until after the holidays and try to get a bit more plugged in come January. So far it seems very lovely. The pastor is great and the worship is wonderful. It is a bit bigger than we are used to but is not huge. So time will tell I suppose.

Hope all is well with all of you!

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Andrea said...

You are one gorgeous "bosses wife!!"