Monday, December 10, 2012

On living with my 80 year old grandmother.

You may not all know but when we moved we moved my 80 yr old grandmother with us. We packed her up put her in a movie van and along she came (okay maybe just her stuff in the moving van).

I have had lots of wow, I couldn't do thats. And lots of...oh how is that working out? Well its working out marvelously. Not only is it a wonderful way to love my grandma, but she provides much help and love in our home and gives me companionship as well. This multi-generational thing is actually quite beautiful and think it is more of a benefit to my little family than anything.

Here are a few of my favorite grandmaisms...

#1 - When the sink was clogged up the first time and I took all the plumbing out from underneath the sink, clean it out and put it all back together...she said well in my day we would have waited for the man of the house to come home and fix it. I replied well in my day you google it figure how to do it and fix it yourself:) Today when the sink backed up again she said Jessie I need you to fix the plumbing....thats my girl!

#2- She can't come downstairs to the laundry room so she calls me "laundry lady" and doesn't complain when I dye her pillowcases blue because I didn't have enough laundry to separate colors. She also tries to encourage me to press my sheets....not going to happen.

#3- When we use her handicap placard to park in disabled parking she least i'm handy for something. Yep she's funny too!

#4- She makes fun of my jeans....telling me that the stitching is placed in a spot that brings to much attention to my back side.

#5- She has 12 batches of cookies baked and ready for teachers this week.

#6- She nudges Grace into her seat every night at dinner just like she did for me when I was a little girl and says....if you're not careful you are going to fall right out of that chair.

#7- She gives me the daily update on the royal baby. Current events are one of her strengths.

#8- She has declared that we all go to the professional tennis matches when they come to town this summer. She just has to go it would be sacriledge for her to miss it.

She is baffled by cell phone technology.

She plays with my kids.


And she hates to eat spinach, parsnips and sweet potatoes but she takes no thank you portions to save face with the kids. I love her for it!

We love her she loves us. She does my dishes when I take the kids to school. She is a blessing to us and I hope we are to her too!

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Andrea said...

I love it. I could use someone like that around here to bake the cookies.
And.... there's a royal baby?? I need to really get out more ;)