Wednesday, August 5, 2009

EWJ Savings Bank

After a long week of attempting to teach my children that everything we have comes from God and the reason we have all of the material items in our house is because God gave Daddy a job that makes money for us to be able to have a house and food etc.
We have starting a new policy at the Jager House if you want a toy or treat you will be buying or earning it yourself. I am over going to the store and hearing the whining of can we have, will you get that for me, I want it. No more we will be way more thankful and appreciative if we are forced to earn the things we have. So the opportunity is there to make lots of quarters if you want it bad enough and hopefully the new policy will help my sanity and teach my children more about being thankful for what we have.
So yesterday was the first time Elliot decided to test the new policy he really wanted this new Lego Power Miner The Crystal King. I asked him if he had enough money and he said he would count his pennies. He came down and stated I have a coupon Mom this gives me $5 more. After finding $23 in his Lightning McQueen Money Bank he was able to make a purchase. So I think we are off to a good start.

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