Friday, August 14, 2009

Operation Kitchen Organization

This post will only matter to you if you have been in my kitchen before, attempted to search for something on your own, watched me search for something, or appreciate the lack of storage one has in a 100yr old+ house. When we bought our house 3 yrs ago I failed to note storage and closet space, now I can't say that because of the lack of storage I would have chosen another house however the problem stays. I literally have 4 closets in my entire house and they are not large closets by any means 3 of them can not even be classified as small closets. I have 3 drawers in my entire kitchen and okay cabinet space, however the cabinets are very old so they are huge but hard to use because things get hidden behind other things very easily. I wish I would have taken before pictures of the cabinet situation because the only way I can describe it is complete chaos. If I went into the spice cabinet I would have to remove the chocolate chips, marshmallows, and dry berries before I could even get to the jumbled mess of spices. Now I may sound like I am complaining, however that is not the case at all I was rather comfortable in my chaos because I was quite certain that this was the only way it could be. And although I am sometimes envious of the newness factor of others homes I really prefer old houses because of character and knowing that it has a large history is very nice.
Well with zero dollars spent and a full Nooksack Valley Disposal Garbage Can (which was empty before starting this project) I am in organized bliss. My friend Amy had heard I would be starting this project and knowing full well I couldn't go it alone she brought her two boys over to play and we got to work. (Thank you Amy you are the best!) I am now in kitchen bliss and I have EXTRA SPACE, something I have known nothing about since buying this house. Someday when we get past about another 10 projects it will be time to start the kitchen renovation. So right now I am thankful for this new outlook on the kitchen:)
Stay tuned for the Pseudo Pantry Wars, I don't have an actual pantry but I have a corner of the kitchen that I call the Pantry in hopes of someday actually having one there. This will be the next project and hopefully I will start on it in two weeks after my next catering adventure:)

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