Monday, August 31, 2009

New Pre-School Year for Gracer!

This will be the last year of preschool for the Jager family. Teacher Leslies is always a fun place to go and the first day is always marked with a teddy bear picnic. Grace of course brought her poodle puppy:) The second year is always a lot of fun because they learn so much more. The first year builds mostly social skills and a bit of academics here and there. But the second year they are just little sponges!! So much fun. Grace was so excited that she thought I would just let her out at the sidewalk and let her go in on her own. Show and Tell for Wednesday is something that is a circle, what will we bring?
Had to persuade her to wear the apple dress by the way, may have even bribed her. I won't care what she wears the rest of the year but for some reason I like to pick the first day of school outfit:) I am sure that eventually I will have to give up the battle, probably sooner than I think!

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