Friday, August 21, 2009

My Two Sweeties

We go in stages or I should say the kids go in stages of love and dislike for each other. Right now they are in a love stage. Last week we spent a lot of time at home snuggled up because as you know the weather had turned into something that did not resemble summer much. We baked we organized, we played Polly Pockets and Legos, and we just enjoyed being home. We even brought the kid table downstairs and they were allowed to bring whatever they wanted down to play with a rare privilege in the Jager House. So as I was busy baking in the kitchen I caught my children playing nicely together and Elliot was actually giving a step by step tutorial on Magnetix to Grace. I watched quietly from the kitchen as he explained how to make a triangle and then moved on to a "much more difficult task" (his words) the box. It is great watching the two loves of my life play together nicely and enjoy one another as playmates. And although I am sure that we will soon be in a dislike stage again I will take whatever I can get and be thankful for these small moments of peace:)

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