Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation at Grannies:)

My parents went on vacation for a good part of this week so they asked if we would house/dogsit for them while they were gone. This is always very exciting for us because it is truly a vacation. My parents have a pool, two ponds and 5 acres to get worn out on. It is outside of Everson and although it is close to the grocery store and anything else you would need you really feel like you are miles and miles away from anyone else.
So we settled right into our new environment and had bundles of fun. Some of our friends even came to visit us up there.
Elliot was given a new nickname this weekend "Frogodile Hunter" . Frogs are a new fascination for him. My parents house is a frog wonderland. There are hundreds of them and they are always hopping around ready to be caught. Elliot thinks by catching them he is providing them with free security because if my parents dog finds them first she will play with them and torture them until their demise. I am not sure of his theory because by the fifth time he has caught the same frog it seems to be looking a bit peeked and annoyed by the whole situation. He caught the biggest frog I have ever seen this weekend he named it Mohammad not sure I think my mom prompted him with the name because he said this wasn't the first time they had caught this one. Not sure how he knows maybe he will start tagging them:)
Anyway Fun times had by all this week. Thanks for the free vaca mom and dad!

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