Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Who knows why our kids continue to grow when you just want to freeze time and bottle them exactly as they are?

Well this is what happened. Again I know I am dramatizing the events but bear with me. Since Elliot is the oldest all of the firsts seem like such a big deal because we haven't experienced them before.

In the mornings the kids brush their teeth and then they come to me for a final check over to make sure they scrubbed away all visible grime. Well upon looking this morning it appeared that his top front tooth was slightly askew. So I decided to go in and look for myself. And you know what? Its loose!! Then I moved onto its next door neighbor, its loose too!!??? OK, so we lost the bottom front two and that was a big enough deal. But now the front two? This is a major milestone right.? I mean we all have the pictures of us missing our two front teeth and the awkward pictures that follow of them being half way in. Oh man I am not ready!! But its going to happen:)

So here's a pic maybe the last one of him with his perfect baby teeth.

They are so precious my two little people. And them growing is such a blessing. I just want to bottle them up so I don't forget each step, each milestone, each blessing. But each year brings new blessings and each stage we all get to learn something new.

Pretty crazy that some silly teeth can stir up this emotion right? I just didn't think we would ever get here I mean he is going to be seven. I still remember his first tooth coming in.

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