Sunday, January 31, 2010

Todays Sermon Interepreted By My Six Year Old.

We have a great pastor at our new church and his sermons always seem so applicable. Normally Elliot and Grace head to Childrens Church during the sermon but today Elliot decided to stay behind. I do not have a problem with him sitting in church if he behaves himself and doesn't distract anyone. However, nothing gets by this kid, so you have to brace myself for what I refer to as the "sermon recap".

First of all I will preface his explanation with what the sermon was really about, Recovering/Restoring Your Joy. Awesome topic by the way!! Anywho there were 7 steps that Pastor Gary laid out in order to do this very thing. One of the steps was analyze the cause of your loss of joy and one of the examples was an undernourished spirit. Pastor Gary asked if anyone remembered when you would go to church twice on Sunday plus Wednesday nights as well as other times during the week for Bible Study or whatnot. And how this sometimes led to a deeper connection which in turn led to a well nourished spirit. He furthered the illustration with explaining that if we nourished our spirits properly we would be so fat with joy we would be able to be rolled down the aisles of church. Well now you know which part stuck with my very imaginative 6-year old boy.

So Grace and Elliot and I are sitting at the dinner table this evening when Elliot says to Grace, you know if we spend to much time at church we will get so fat with the Spirit that we won't be able to walk anymore. Now we don't generally use the word fat in the Jager house so Grace returns his comment with, Jagers don't say fat Elliot. And Elliot says well Pastor Gary said so so it must be true. So I tried my best to interfere and explain what our Pastor really meant but I still think we may be needing a pastoral visit to clear up some of the gray areas because I am just a mom you know.

Thanks Pastor Gary for an awesome sermon but does the six-year old follow up visit come as part of the package:)

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