Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cabin Fever Baby!

Oh Man....What a wonderful Weekend.
This picture totally personifies the wonderfulness and the peacefulness that I think we all experienced this weekend. It was an absolutely beautiful and tranquil location on Lummi Island. No traffic, no passersby, we had a tv but didn't watch it, no laptops or anything else like that. So what did we d with our time you ask. Well we played games...lots of games. The list included but was not limited to Taboo, Catch Phrase, Mad Gab, Puerto Rico and much more. Brian and I played a round or two of Quiddler before bed at night. We read books, I read the Shack on and off all day and finished it (much to post about that later) Sarah read a Christmas book, Justin read a book on Ship Wrecks and I think BJ read a bit of that book as well. We took turns in the sauna that was located inside the house on the main floor (not kidding it was amazing) the boys would take a turn and then the girls because the space was limited. We ate good food, We took turns cooking, The Bajemas made us a fabulous Sushi Feast on Saturday night and Justins new nickname is the Sushi Slayah:) The boys also made Sarah and I breakfast on Sunday Morning. The boys did quite a bit of birdwatching and bird identification. Sarah and I played a couple of rounds of MASH. We all did a puzzle together. And the rest of the time we spent talking about life and random thoughts that needed to be contemplated.

On Saturday morning we were siting and sharing Breakfast when we saw a eagle fly by with a freshly caught fish in its talons right outside the window. We joked about how we were probably getting charged extra for that experience, it was that amazing.

Oh and I haven't even talked about the cabin itself!? It was beautiful. It was decorated straight out of catalog in a really livable and cozy sort of way. Our bedroom had the most amazing window in it. I sat in the chair that was strategically place in front of the windows every morning and read and thought about life for awhile. Mostly about how complicated it is. How complicated we make it. But I will talk about that more in my Shack review. The showers all had European rain shower heads and heated floor tiles. It was beautiful, did I say that already?

I absolutely love the water. I was raised around commercial fisherman and spent a lot of my childhood on it. But now it is more about the sound, smell and over all air of it that gets me. It is free therapy. So this location was prime for me in that way.

And last but not least I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for my friends and for these ones in particular. They are one in a million, needle in a haystack kind of friends. The kind that you can depend on for anything and there are no limits to that. The kind that make you wonder if God had this in mind when He talks about brothers and sisters. They are nothing short of fabulous.

So here's to many more Cabin Fever trips and I am hoping to this same place:)

Oh and we finished the puzzle by the way...we were missing the very last piece:(

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Julie said...

Looks WoNdErFuL! Is this a cabin you rented or a place that someone you know owns? How amazing!