Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Insert Awesome Here

A while back Brian and I decided to change our attitudes. I know this sounds really dramatic and I guess it was a bit. The first step in the process was to insert the word awesome in reaction to all situations that are anything but. I suggest trying this. This one thing has been life changing. The next step I decided to take was larger, it is still a work in progress and it takes much effort. It takes more than a change in attitude it takes you choosing to take the detour route instead of the short cut, the scenic route rather than the then the....well you get the point. I decided that in all things stressful and horrible and painful I would choose a new perspective. I decided that each of these things were given to me by God and although I know he does not wish harm upon me he would use these situations at some point to better me to give me a step up in certain circumstances, to make me stronger, to make me wiser, and to love others that are experiencing similar situations more. So all things negative are automatically positive, maybe not right at the moment but I know they will be at some point and that promise is enough hope for me.

So why am I telling you this? Well recently someone asked me if I ever get stressed? UH YEAH, but the insert awesome technique is what gets me through a lot of the time and it really works. I automatically smile and sometimes I even giggle.

On another note we got our preliminary menus today. I have been thinking about sharing them on here but my business partner hasn't seen them yet so maybe tomorrow. They are absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you LUKE WYATT you are the bomb diggity in my book right now!! I love ya man!

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The Mom said...

I am just seeing your NEWS now for the first time... I am so excited for you! You can do this! I love food and will eat yours anytime. Just say when. ;) Still prayin'