Friday, January 15, 2010

Leaving For The Weeekend:)

I have been looking forward to this weekend for sometime now!! I have needed a break since mid October really. And so what better way to get one then to start a new tradition with some of our favorite friends and get out of town. We are calling it Cabin Fever, it will take place every January form now until we die.

Requirements include but are not limited to the following:
-Must Stay In A Cabin
-Must Have A Fireplace
-Must Not Be A Place That You Are Required To Wear Anything Fancier Than Your Best Sweats
-Must Bring Good Food
-Must Bring Lots Of Games
-Must Promise To Relax And have Fun

So that is the first part of my most looked forward to weekend. We will get back on Sunday afternoon so I will post lots of pics of this wonderful place.

The second part is traveling with my husband to Seattle (one of my favorite places on earth) for two days. While he conferences I am having dinner at my favorite restaurant, enjoying coffee in my favorite coffee shop and getting a book or two at my favorite used book stores (must blog about my obsession with these later) and having lunch with one of my friends and her new baby. I will not be doing anything else it sounds wonderful doesn't it.

Did I mention my Mom is taking my children for the entire time I am gone? Well she is and they will be spoiled and need to go through Granny Detox when I return but it will all be worth it!

Above are pics of the wonderful people joining us for Cabin Fever. Wouldn't you want to spend a weekend with them?

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Life Across the Pond said...

We are going away this weekend too!! Much needed vacations are the best. I also agree that there is no one in the world better to go away with than your best friend/husband:) Enjoy your weekend!