Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Mr. Husband, the thank you edition

Dear Mr. Husband,

Thank You again for the one millionth time for being you!! I am reassured daily that Gods hand was in complete control when he brought us together. I am positive there is no man in this world that could ever love me like you do.

Thank you for breaking your back to create for me the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen yet to date. Thank you for going further yet to tell me it would not be ready for company until it had a floor and since we had company planned for Sunday you have been painstakingly putting it in every night after work this week. I can see the exhaustion in your eyes every morning but know that it is your love for me that makes you do these things. I am a blessed woman.

Thank you for reassuring our children who have recently been introduced to the idea of divorce that you made a promise to me that will last a lifetime. I can not imagine the security they must feel. They are blessed to have a father like you.

Thank you for not calling the police when I am gone for two hours on a walk in the dark. Sometimes I need to be alone to figure things out. Thank you for knowing this. Thank you for not looking at me like I have a third eyeball when I tell you sometimes I yell out loud on my walk...I just need to get it out. Thank you for knowing I am an emotionally charged person and loving me for.

Thanks for telling me and reassuring me that I can handle all that is on my plate right now. Your belief in my abilities is amazing, I know your faith in God is what gives you faith in me. For it is Him who lifts my head every morning.

Thanks for understanding my love for my sister and my family. It can be cumbersome sometimes. Thanks for loving and worrying about my sister just as much as I do. Thanks for checking in on her without my knowing, this means more to me than anything in the world right now.

Thanks for reminding me that the dysfunction that is within my family is a part of me but does not define me.

Thanks for doing everything in your power to support me in all things.

Thank you for reminding me that sometimes my expectations for others might be justified but not realistic. I need the reality check, people are going to let you down, but God is always there.

You are my companion, my love and the truest friend I have ever had. And I don't say it enough but I am so thankful for you, it is beyond anything I can comprehend most of the time.

Your girl.

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