Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funny Gram

My Grandma is the best ever I have said that before. She knows me all to well sometimes. She also is the best shopping buddy because after years of sewing for me she knows exactly what will look good on me and what won't. Which colors are complimentary to my skin and hair and which ones aren't. Shes a rockstar.

Recently I went to her house for a visit and this was our conversation:)

Grandma- If you were asking me(I wasn't)...I would say you have gained a few pounds:)

Me- cough cough cough giggle.....okay. Laugh some more.

Grandma- But don't worry a healthy backside is positive on a small frame:)

Me- No comment:)

Again I love my Grandma, she has also compared my backside to the likes of that famous girl you know something Lo. Not sure what it is with the topic, I am well aware that I have been blessed with certain curves, glad someone else is keeping track:)

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