Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bellingham Bells Game with Gma and Gpa Boat

Gma and Gpa Boat took us to the Bells game on Sunday night and spoiled us to the max. About an hour before we left I told Brian I wasn't sure that going was going to be a good idea because everything was making Grace cry that afternoon. Turns out my worry was for nothing because we all had a good time and the kids were both well behaved and enjoyable to have out in public;) They both got baseballs and Elliot was able to get several autographs on his.

The whole experience was great. The team has done a lot of work to clean up the park and everyone we interacted with was super friendly and helpful. And Hot Dogs are only $3 which I feel is super reasonable for an outing such as this. They have tons of activities for the kids to be involved in during the game to keep them occupied, which were very exciting;)

Brian and Elliot...not sure what Elliot is doing with his face.? I do know that he has a new air about him in his last month of being 7, my mom says he has a swagger:)

Elliot and Grace with Dinger the Mouse, the team mascot.

After our experience I would totally recommend this activity for a family to attend. So fun...I am hoping we get a chance to go again!

Thanks Gma and Gpa Boat!

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