Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday Was A Long Day......

I started the day off with bootcamp, after waking up to the sound of birds instead of my alarm I realized my alarm had malfunctioned. Thankfully at 4:45 am I I still had plenty of time (15 minutes) to get out the door but waking up like that does not make for a good start. So anyway I finished out bootcamp and followed that with a long, extremely hot shower. Next thing on the list was a dentist appt at 8am for Elliot to fix his teeth. You see in his attempt to fly out of the tree in our front yard he fractured several teeth and killed one of them as well so after three weeks the swelling had subsided enough to allow for the dental work to happen. After that I took the van to Zylstras because Saturday night I got a flat tire.....all I have to say is lovely. After that I rushed home to pick up Brians car and get to my rheumatology appt, followed by xrays and blood work. Then birthday shopping for the E-man. After that I had to go for another test at the hospital for my gall bladder, unfortunately the test didn't work so after an all day fast with nothing to eat or drink (this makes for a crabby Jessica) it is being rescheduled for a later date when they can try again. Needless to say I was a little discouraged and a lot tired and even more hungry after my crazy day.

But I got to come home to food on the grill with cantalope and green salad. What an awesome hubby I have. I will not lie though, after dinner I crawled into my bed for a two hour nap only to awaken for TV night with the Bajemas.

What did my lovely family do all day without their mom you ask?
They were quite busy as well. Brian finished up building my raised beds and putting the new dog house turned chicken house up on stilts for me. He also fixed the inflated ring at the top of the pool:) Somewhere in between he took the kids to the library, for lunch and read them stories at home. Have I told you how wonderful he is!

I still need to paint the trim on the chicken house....I think its pretty cute though. The city will let us have three chickens so that is what will get. My mom has the chicks and we will probably be able to bring them home in a month or so. They won't start laying eggs until winter.

On the raised bed front, I will probably plant mostly tomatoes and zucchini this year maybe some carrots, heck if I know myself at all I know I will probably try to start a lot of things that I should have started months ago.

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