Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dream Equipment- Husband Edition

About a year ago our lawn mower died. Normal people would go out and get a new mower and continue life as usual. Not the Jagers:) No MR. Jager decides he wants to purchase himself his dream mower with a hefty price tag, while Mrs. Jager talks to him about reality. Mrs. Jager goes further to tell Mr. Jager that if he can find his dream mower for under $100 he could buy one (of course thinking he would break down and by a regular more affordable model.)

Well its been a year and for the last year our neighbor boy has been mowing the lawn for a fee. This has been convenient in a number of ways...1- he comes same day every week I never have to remind anyone 2- they take all clippings away 3-I don't have to remind anyone (repeat sorry)

Well yesterday the waiting came to an end. Mr. Jager found an older model reel style mower on craigslist for half of his budget and got $10 off of that because he's Mr. Jager and paying asking price would be practically sinful.

He was so proud when he pulled out of the back of the van. It needs some work he says but it starts;)

And just to prove to his wife he decided to show her how it started right up. So he pulls the cord and what do you know it starts right up and the cord disengages from the mower(this is not supposed to happen.) Mrs. Jager attempted to hold back the laughing which resulted in snorting which resulted in laughing. Mr. Jager proceeded to take the said mower for a spin around the yard;)
Mr. Jager says good news is he took small gas engines in High School and his father in law is a mechanic, they will have this thing running in no time.

Mrs. Jager would like to say she loves Mr. Jager and is more than proud to be his loving wife.

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