Friday, July 1, 2011

Are you coming for Babka?

I have had a recipe for a yummy cinnamon roll-esque bread for some time. And today during bootcamp I decided today would be the day. So at 6:30 I started the process and right now at 11am they just came out of the oven. Just so you know it is taking every bit of self control I have in my body to keep from prematurely flipping them out of their pans and devouring all three loaves all on my own. I know however that super hot food is not enjoyable and can not be savored properly (and I hate burning my mouth that might be the real reason;). So I will wait and become completely intoxicated by the chocolatey-cinnamony bready fumes and wait and touch them to see if they are still hot and wait some more.

But for now I will distract myself by sharing the link to the recipe.

The recipe is called Chocolate Babka-two bonus points for the super cool word within the recipe title. Babka means sweet yeast cake. You can find the recipe here. The website is called Knead To Be Loaved and you can find all sorts of baking resources and ideas on this site.

The best part is the recipe makes three loaves. So you can freeze the extras and bake them off later or share with your neighbors (thats what I am going to do).
I was also able to use my proofing function on my oven today and let me just tell you it works like a charm.

Well in the time it has taken me to write this the bread has cooled so please excuse me while I trot across the kitchen to do the yummy dance while I enjoy my treat.

Oh and one last sweet treat I wanted to share with you today.
Our Resident Pretzel aka soon to be 6 yr old, Gracer Girl.


Cristi said...

this recipe sounds amazing, but i REALLY LOVE your new tune!!! you need to tell me how to add this to my fun fun!!!

Ed / Julie said...

First, I would love to make your babka bread, but yeast & I don't get along. :( Second, I wish I knew what a "proofing function" is on an oven...Ah, well. Not everyone can be a genius in the kitchen like you! They look delicious, Jessica! Enjoy!

The Mom said...

Why do you do these things when I am on vacation??? (said in a really whiney voice)